The Five Warms Of Baby Massage

New babies are so sensitive to the cold. Here are five warms to prepare you for a beautiful baby massage.

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Warm room.

Prepare a room without drafts by heating with an oil heater or similar. A little warmer than room temperature is lovely. If you're not sure how warm take your own clothes off too!

Warm bath.

Start running the bath before you begin. A bathroom is a great place to give baby massage, and running the bath will have the bonus of steaming up the room.

Warm oil.

If your massage oil is in a small plastic bottle put the whole bottle of oil in bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Otherwise pour enough oil for one massage into a tiny bowl, then put that bowl inside a slightly larger bowl of hot water. Test it on your skin.

Warm hands.

Rub them together with warm oil and make sure your fingernails are trimmed.

Warm heart.

Don't worry about doing it 'right' just enjoy.