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Welcome! You are here because you Believe Birth is about making mums too.

Let me tell you a secret... The birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth.

I teach professionals how to step into their life’s work supporting Newborn Mothers.

I work with doulas, midwives, yoga teachers and more to create abundant careers in postpartum care based on brain science and ancient traditions. 

Learn a new paradigm and work on a deeper, more transformational level.

I show women how to feel supported and confident on the journey to motherhood.

I work with pregnant women and Newborn Mothers who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. My blueprint will show you how to switch on your intuition, tune into your baby and be the mum you want to be.

Learn about sleep, breastfeeding and village-building and create a plan for postpartum peace and joy.


And you'll be part of the postpartum renaissance...

a renaissance in the way we care for newborn mothers.


Hi there, I'm Julia.

I have spent nearly a decade studying, researching and hands-on nurturing Newborn Mothers from every angle.

My journey to postpartum work began before I was even a mother myself. Postpartum work is truly my vocation and I felt this calling from a young age. 

But no one in my town was a postnatal doula when I first started out, there wasn’t even training available locally, so I had to find my own path, which turned out to be a great blessing.

Over the next few years I completed five different doula trainings. 

But none of them really got much deeper than the practical information about baby care and breastfeeding.

None of them really addressed how to support Newborn Mothers through this major life transition, this rite of passage.

None of them acknowledged the deep and profound changes going on inside a Newborn Mothers brain, let alone how we - as professionals - could support them through this.

So I was left to pull together my own new paradigm from different disciplines. 

I started out as an Ayurvedic doula...

and am really fascinated by traditional medicine and culture, topics that some people might consider a bit 'woo.' So I started searching here.

But I'm also a science geek...

I'm actually certified by The Neuroscience Academy in Brain Science and Wellness, so I added that to the mix.

And it's through merging these two realms that I've created a unique way of working with Newborn Mothers that consistently takes them beyond feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and delivers peace and joy in the transition to motherhood.

You need both science and woo! Anything less is wishful thinking.

I created a new approach to postpartum that brings Newborn Mothers all over the world peace and joy and I can teach you how to do it too.

My husband Dylan and I have three beautiful children, Harriet, Albert and Clancy, and we love gardening, cooking and playing with our neighbours on the street. I live in Fremantle, Western Australia. I recently joined the circus and I am learning to play piano with my daughter.

Sweet Dreams,

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