Step into Your Life’s Work with Newborn Mothers

For Doulas, Midwives And Other Professionals Who Believe Birth Is About Making Mums Too.

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You feel A Deep Calling To Work With Newborn Mothers during this life changing transformation

Newborn Mothers Collective is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to build villages and reach more Newborn Mothers.
  • You are looking for a new paradigm that shows Newborn Mothers how to transcend the experts and advice.
  • You are ultimately looking for a way change the way our cultures view postpartum care.

Maybe you are already qualified in some other caring or healing profession and want to amplify your work with Newborn Mothers.

Maybe you are already working with Newborn Mothers but want to serve at a deeper and more transformational level.


Maybe you feel drawn to a career in postpartum but have no qualifications or experience and no idea where to start.


Hi, I’m Julia

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When I first started out as a as a postpartum doula over 10 years ago, no one in my town even knew what that word meant.

I was only 24 years old (before I was even a mother myself) and I came to postpartum work through my interest in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. When I learned about Ayurvedic postpartum care, I knew this was my calling in life.

There was no local training available, and certainly no demand for my services.

Julia Jones - Newborn Mothers

But I saw a need and I was determined to make a difference.

Over the next few years I studied five different postpartum doula trainings, and while they were all excellent in their own ways, none of them really got much deeper than practical information about baby care and breastfeeding.

None of them really addressed how to support Newborn Mothers through this major life transition, this rite of passage.

None of them acknowledged the deep and profound changes going on inside a Newborn Mother’s brain, let alone how we — as professionals — could support them through it.

Although I started my doula business, providing massage and meals for Newborn Mothers, I knew there was something more.

When I had my own first baby, the need to find answers became even more urgent.

I started exploring postpartum from different perspectives including through my own background in social justice and community development. I dove into newer areas of study to me, from anthropology to evolution, traditional medicine to brain science, and eventually pulled together a radically new paradigm for postpartum transformation.

Now, over a decade later, my work has evolved. I’ve written books and created online courses, available worldwide, for Newborn Mothers and the professionals who work with them.

Whether you are considering taking on more postpartum work with existing birth clients or starting a new business from scratch, this course will help you figure out your next steps.


Introducing: Newborn Mothers Collective

The Newborn Mothers Collective is the only course and online community that is designed to change the postpartum paradigm not just for you but for our whole society. Get an education that will empower you as a postpartum professional and launch a fulfilling new career.

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The Newborn Mother’s Difference:

(you won’t learn this anywhere else!)

  • You don’t need to be an expert to realise that mothers don’t need more experts! Instead of advice and information and fixing and solving, you’ll learn a more feminine way of supporting Newborn Mothers.
  • We’ll explore postpartum care from many angles including anthropology, evolution, neuroscience, hormones, traditional medicine and more! Plus you’ll discover how all of these pieces work together with beautiful synchronicity.
  • When you graduate you’ll unlock business bonuses that will help you bust through your money blocks and create an abundant career doing your heart’s work. The certificate is pretty, but I also want you to have paying clients.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You are called to this area of work and don't know where to start.
  • You have already trained but are ready to take your postpartum skills to the next level.
  • You are a doula, midwife, yoga teacher, childbirth educator, hypnobirthing practitioner, life coach, physio, chiro, mums groups facilitator... or work with mums in any capacity and believe that birth is about making mums too.

Here's What You'll Learn

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Newborn Mothers Collective will change the way you work with pregnant women and new mums.
You will get the tools and skills you need to elevate women above the experts and advice paradigm.
You will show mothers how to make the first six weeks after childbirth the best six weeks of their life.

Each lesson is presented in video, audio and text with worksheets and optional reading lists.

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Module 1 - Baby Brain

Why oxytocin is not just for birth, it's for life, and how it changes a motherhood changes brains forever.

How stress and love hormones interact during the weeks and months AFTER childbirth.

Find out how to increase oxytocin even if childbirth doesn't go smoothly, for postpartum peace and joy.

Module 2 - Communication

How to compassionately communicate in a way that elevates mothers above advice and experts.

How to teach mothering skills, including breastfeeding, the baby brain way.



Module 3 - Traditional Postpartum Care

Discover how traditional cultures celebrate and acknowledge the birth of a mother.

Bring these ancient practises into a modern context in really practical and simple ways.

Find out how these social structures support and increase oxytocin.

Module 4 - Ayurveda

Understand the foundations of Ayurvedic elements and different metabolic constitutions.

Find out how Ayurveda can support pregnancy and postpartum.



Module 5 - Cooking

Discover the Ayurvedic nutrition including tastes, qualities of food and food combining.

Learn how to adapt any recipe for postpartum rejuvenation.

Learn how to cook for clients in their kitchen or yours.

Module 6 - Bodywork

How to teach mothers self massage and baby massage, and post-pregnancy belly binding.



Click here to download the full curriculum.

Business Bonuses

  • The Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Work

  • 7 Steps to Selling Premium Postpartum Packages

  • Business Basics Webinar

  • Business Systems and Tech Webinar for Online Businesses

  • Business Systems and Tech Webinar for Local Businesses

  • Six Step Postpartum Blueprint


Join more than 300 postpartum professionals from over 20 different countries around the world!

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Newborn Mothers Collective Includes:

  • Lifetime access to six modules delivered weekly in a private membership site, plus a bonus business module.

  • Regular live Q&A calls corresponding to each module, and they are recorded in case you can’t make it live.

  • Three months access to our private Facebook group so you can ask me questions and get peer support as you implement what you learn with your clients.

  • 12 Continuing Professional Education Points with the Australian College of Midwives, Hypnobirthing Australia, DONA International and more.

  • A printable certificate and digital graphic for your website.

The course is self-paced so you can take your time if your kids get sick or you are getting married.

Up level your professional skills, your knowledge, and your understanding of what it takes to help Newborn Mothers and babies thrive.


Maybe you feel drawn to a career in postpartum but have no qualifications or experience and no idea where to start.

Newborn Mothers

You want to be a professional who changes lives but you don’t know how to demonstrate your value beyond a cleaner or a nanny. You want best practise postpartum skills but you also need some help with the basics like how to get insurance, what your job title should be and how to actually get clients.

Newborn Mothers Collective will show you how to do the postpartum work you were born to do, plus give you business basics you need to get started straight away.


Maybe you are already working with Newborn Mothers but want to serve at a deeper and more transformational level.


You’ve been a doula (or midwife or similar) for years or even decades but you know there are postpartum gaps in your education so far but just haven’t been able to find the missing pieces. You want to continue the work you love but in a more leveraged and abundant way either in employment (ie. hospital) or outside of the system.

Newborn Mothers Collective will take your work to the next level giving both deeper transformation for your clients and bigger profits for you and your family.

Newborn Mothers

Maybe you are already qualified in some other caring or healing profession and want to amplify your work with Newborn Mothers.

Newborn Mothers

You are a yoga teacher, nutritionist, massage therapist or similar but you are frustrated trying to translate your knowledge into work with postpartum women. You love what you do but need some extra help with communication skills when working with Newborn Mothers, and conveying the value of postpartum care to pregnant women.

Newborn Mothers Collective will deepen your understanding of postpartum and change the way you work with Newborn Mothers.

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How It Works…

  • Each lesson is presented in video, audio and text to suit your learning style.
  • Includes worksheets and many tactile activities including cooking and massage.
  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or device.
  • Downloadable so you can work offline.

In your own time, in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world

You don’t need a babysitter or a bra

Now you know why I love online courses :)

Business Bonuses!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Work
  • 7 Steps to Selling Premium Postpartum Packages
  • Business Basics Webinar
  • Business Systems and Tech Webinar for Online Businesses
  • Business Systems and Tech Webinar for Local Businesses
  • Six Step Postpartum Blueprint

Book Bonuses!

Nourishing Newborn Mothers
Nourishing Newborn Mothers Inside

In the cooking module you’ll get a copy of my eBook Nourishing Newborn Mothers - Ayurvedic recipes to Heal your Mind, Body and Soul after Childbirth

Your Investment

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Pay Up Front

Instant and lifetime access

$597 AUD

(+10% GST for Australian Residents)

(or $519 USD)

1 x payment

Payment Plan

Instant and lifetime access

$240 AUD

(+10% GST for Australian Residents)

(or $200 USD)

3 x fortnightly/biweekly payment


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Doula, anyway?

In the past community would come together to support new mothers. Now we live in nuclear families and culturally don’t have much understanding of women’s needs after childbirth. Sadly many new mothers feel isolated, overwhelmed and exhausted. Postpartum doulas are non-medical professionals designed to fill this gap with emotional and physical support during the life-changing transition to motherhood. Postpartum doulas help women step into their roles as mothers with confidence and satisfaction. It’s possible you have felt drawn to postpartum work but never actually heard of the word doula, or maybe you are already familiar with the term . Either way you are welcome to join Newborn Mothers Collective.

Can I Work As A Postpartum Doula after completing this course?

The truth is the doula industry is unregulated. You don’t have to do ANY training to call yourself a doula. At first sight, perhaps this sounds worrying, but I think it’s a good thing. When a doula is acting within the scope of her role she will not diagnose, treat or prevent any illness. She will not do any clinical work, not prescribe herbs or remedies, will not give advice, and not make any decisions on behalf of the family. The role of a doula is to provide emotional and practical support to families when a new baby is born. It’s really, very simple. It’s feminine, intuitive, emotional work, that women have been doing for as long as humans have been having babies, and it’s only recently - in a masculine climate of institutionalised birth and litigation - that women’s work has been discredited. Perhaps you’ve internalised these doubts. Am I good enough? Am I skilled enough? Am I experienced enough? Am I too young? Am I too old? Am I too fat? Am I ready? When you complete Newborn Mothers Collective you’ll get a certificate, a graphic for your website, a bunch of bonuses to help you get your first clients and I’ll show you how to get insurance for your work in Australia. But no one can give you permission to be a doula, you have to claim that for yourself.

I'm Already A Doula - Do I Need To Do This Training?

If you feel drawn to this work then YES! This training is advanced and will likely up-level your skills and knowledge and give you practical ways to work with Newborn Mothers that are not available through any other course. In this course you will NOT learn basic baby care or standard breastfeeding education. You will learn about more complex and advanced topics such as ancient traditions, Ayurveda and brain science. In my opinion, it’s actually not enough to do one course and think your learning is done. In my experience, the very best doulas are lifelong learners. We regularly do professional development because we know that there is always more to learn.

I’m a midwife, will this course work for me too?

Yes, we have many midwives in Newborn Mothers Collective, some working inside the hospital system and some with decades of experience. Many midwives tell me they feel there are postpartum gaps in their education and if you feel this way too I’m sure you will love Newborn Mothers Collective.

I’m something else (ie yoga teacher, naturopath, massage therapist, childbirth educator) is this the right course for me too?

Yes, if you want to deepen your work with Newborn Mothers then this is absolutely the course for you. Many people from other industries do this course for professional development and you can use what you learn in your existing work.

Can I get professional development points for this course?

Maybe, it depends on your professional association. This course is recognised by the Australian College of Midwives for 12 Continuing Professional Development points. Previous graduates of the Newborn Mothers Collective have received full or part points from other professional associations including: DONA International, Australian Natural Therapists Association, Hypnobirthing Australia, Massage & Myotherapy Australia and Yoga Australia. It might be worthwhile checking in with your professional association as to their guidelines as these may change from time to time. And please contact us if your professional association is not listed and we’ll see if we can register with them.

How Long Does The Course Take?

There are 6 modules covering 12 hours of the core material. The modules are delivered over 10 weeks, but since you have INSTANT access to the entire course you can complete them much quicker (the record is ten days!) You also have LIFETIME access to the course so if you are getting married, moving house or having a baby you can take much longer - there's no pressure. Only your access to our live and interactive online classroom, in our private Facebook community, will end after three months. Once you graduate you will be invited to join our graduate program for ongoing postpartum professional development plus business and marketing support for a small ongoing monthly fee if you wish. Most students love the content and want to explore certain topics more deeply so there is a lot of optional extension work. We have regular live Q&A calls, extensive reading lists and journal articles and bonus webinars.

What kind of work can I do after I graduate?

You can use what you learn in your existing work (for example as a midwife or yoga teacher) or you can start your own business as a doula. Some of my graduates work one-on-one with Newborn Mothers in their homes, some of them teach postpartum education classes, some run mother’s groups. I’m famous for my love of business and marketing and will share the basics with you after you graduate.

What Is Included In The Live Round?

The live round includes three months of mentoring and community in our online classroom. This is a great way to learn online as you get live interaction and accountability, helping you go deeper with the topics and actually complete the course. However the entire course is recorded and archived so if you prefer to learn in your own time or revisit the lessons and Q&A’s later you can do this too. After you graduate you will also have the opportunity to join our graduate program for business and marketing lessons and ongoing postpartum professional development for a small monthly fee. This is a great option if you really love the live and interactive element of the course and want to stay with me in our community longer.

Is this course certified?

In Australia, for a course to be ‘certified’ it has to be run through a Registered Training Organisation, for example a University. Like the vast majority of doula trainers, I am not a Registered Training Organisation, I’m just Julia. I worked as a postpartum doula for ten years, researched and created a new paradigm in postpartum care, designed my curriculum with the guidance of an learning consultant and had it approved by the Australian College of Midwives. I’m aware that the regulations around the use of the word ‘certified’ are different in other countries, but that’s how we roll down under!

Can I study Newborn Mothers Collective in my country?

Yes you definitely can :) Newborn Mothers Collective is an entirely online course and we have students in over 20 different countries.

Are You Offering A Payment Plan?

Yes :) Simply choose the payment plan option on the enrolment form.

Can I pay in US dollars?

Yes, you can simply change the currency in the drop down menu on the enrolment form. If you choose to pay in a currency that is different from your own the price may fluctuate a little depending on the conversion rate on that day.

Is Newborn Mothers Collective course accessible and inclusive?

Definitely! We welcome women who are neurodiverse, have learning challenges, disabilities or speak English as a second language. Every lesson is available in audio, video and text so you can choose what works for you, plus you can access the entire course on any device - even a smartphone! The community is intelligent, caring and diverse and we would love to have you in the Collective. If there are any obstacles to your participation that we have not covered please reach out and we will do everything we can to support your learning and full participation.


If there are any obstacles to your participation that we have not covered please reach out and we will do everything we can to support your learning and full participation.

If not now, when?

Most people who become doulas feel that it is their calling, that they were born to be a doula.

And usually, the biggest thing holding you back from being a doula… is YOU!

Right now the there are mothers who would benefit from working with you. Is your self-doubt stopping you from supporting mothers who are suffering? So what are you really waiting for?

You Are Enough.

You Are Ready.

You Were Born To Do This!


Still got questions?

Please read through our FAQ above, and if you are still having doubts about whether or not Newborn Mothers Collective is the right step for you please send us an email.

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