Doulas Catch Mothers

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use It.”

 Kennell, 2002. p. 213-214.


After giving birth women have very special physical and emotional needs that are often overlooked in our culture. We are so task oriented and ambitious that many mums feel they simply do not have the time and support to rest and bond with their baby after birth. It is little wonder postnatal depression rates are so high, and breastfeeding rates are so low.

A postnatal doula provides you with the opportunity to appreciate the awesome power of childbirth and motherhood. A postnatal doula will provide parents with a blanket of support, physical, emotional and informational, so that you can get past feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and have renewed energy to really ENJOY your baby.

A postnatal doula brings comfort and joy to new parents, and exactly what this looks like is up to you! I offer a wide range of services which will be tailored on each visit to exactly meet your changing needs. All postnatal doulas have slightly different skills and focus. At Newborn Mothers my services as a postnatal doula include:

  • Ayurvedic oil massage

  • Food preparation

  • Ayurvedic herbal support

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Settling colic and reflux babies

  • Baby massage instruction

  • Coaching you so that you feel confident in your new role

  • Building your ‘village’ so that you have the support you need

Of course a postnatal doula primarily cares for mothers, because we all know happy mothers make happy babies. But sometimes this means looking after the baby so the mother can sleep, eat or have a bath.


Welcome to the Postpartum Renaissance

If you are wondering if postpartum work will work for you this guide will give you the answers to all your questions. I’ve compiled the questions I get asked most frequently, drawing on 10 years personal experience as a postpartum doula, and also from my experience training hundreds of postpartum professionals from all over the world who have now stepped into their lives work serving Newborn Mothers.

Whether you are considering taking on more postpartum work with existing birth clients or starting a new business from scratch, this guide will help you figure out your next step.

This guide is designed for a range of women including:

- Birth and postpartum doulas who are looking for advanced professional development.
- Midwives working independently or within the hospital system.
- Other professionals including physiotherapists, yoga teacher, childbirth educators, hypnobirthing instructors, nutritionists etc who want to deepen their understanding of postpartum support.
- Women who have not started their career in postpartum support yet and are just looking to take the first step.

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