How I Learned To Embrace The Guilt

Today's guest post is by Elena Lipson from Your Divine Self-Care Mentor.


The first time I left my son with hubby and went for a run, when my son was about 6 months old, I felt a pang of guilt in my chest.

The first time I left to New York to have a girls weekend and left my son with my husband, when he was just  about 2 yrs old, I cried in the car as my friend nodded in recognition of how hard it is to leave our sweet children.

The first time I dropped my son off at a friends house so I could go and get some work done, I felt the guilt creep up again quickly followed by the thoughts of all the creative learning things I could be doing with my sweet boy instead.

But you know what? There's something very important on the other side of that guilt.

It’s a big sign pointing to my dreams, my inner calling to create and express myself, and the satisfaction and JOY that comes from spending time doing things I love… like a fabulous weekend in New York with my tribe.

Over the years, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for guilt as the first reaction to doing something for myself. Truthfully, the guilt response has gotten much MUCH quieter over the years because I’ve learned to diffuse the power of that guilt to change my behaviour.

  • So, over time, the guilt has alchemised, transformed and loosened its grip on my chest because the joy and fulfilment that I’ve experienced from following my intuitive nudges to take care of ME have been amazing. And not only for me but for my family as well.

I always come back recharged, nourished and refreshed in a deeply profound way.

As the Divine Self-Care Mentor I love guiding women to tap into that guilt and allow it to fuel dreams, spa-days, art, yoga, businesses… ALL OF IT.

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So, I say embrace your guilt and see what beauty and bliss are waiting for you just on the other side.


What has you feeling guilty lately… and how can you turn this into a SELF-CARE act vs. a SELFISH act?

Love, light & gratitude,

Elena Lipson
Divine Self-Care Mentor