Aromababy Review

Aromababy founder and mother of two, Catherine Cervasio recently contacted me and asked if I'd be happy to review some Aromababy natural skin care products. I was already a big fan of Aromababy Natural Floral Water so I jumped at the chance to take a closer look at her range.


My Favourite Product

download (4).png

I used the Natural Floral Water a lot when my son was a newborn. It is a beautiful floral misting spray for baby's and I always kept it in my nappy bag. My son was a 3-5 times a day boy, and his poo's were far from solid. It was often tricky to clean up when out and about and that Natural Floral Water came in handy for a quick change and spray until we reached a bath where we could do a deeper clean!

I also used the Natural Floral Water as a refreshing pick-me-up (it smells AMAZING!) and often used to freshen up bedding too. I seriously got addicted to that beautiful orange blossom smell!

What Is Aromababy All About?

Aromababy is a pretty special small business run by a Melbourne mother who really cares. Aromababy creates a range of skin care products for babies, mothers and pregnancy.

Best of all the products contain no petro-chemicals, added colour, artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens, sulphates, alcohol, cocoamphodiacetate, talc, synthetic vitamin e, silicones and so much more. They are truly natural products! Not just marketing hype.


One of my favourite things about these skin care products is their versatility. I hate having cupboards full of things that only have one application. Catherine gave me these great suggestions for alternate uses for some of the products:

  • Nappy Change Cream - make up remover, hand cream, body moisturiser

  • Barrier Balm - cuticle conditioner, for cracked heels (leave on overnight with socks on), sunburn, windburn, dry nose/chafing, lip balm, insect bites, eczema/dermatitis etc

  • Aromabath Powder - luxury bath soak for adults, mix to a paste and use as a facial scrub for teens and women

There are heaps more suggestions for alternative uses of the products

Where To Buy

Aromababy is also very reasonably priced, with products starting at just $9 and even their most luxurious products coming in at under $40. You can buy direct from their website here or from a range of retailers across Australia - see the list of suppliers here.