3 Simple Strategies For Sleep

Today's guest post is by Caroline's Angels - Baby Sleep Specialist. Caroline McMahon and Caroline Radford draw on their extensive Midwifery and Child Health background as well as being mothers themselves.  They are able to assist and support you and your family with sleep and settling issues, toddler behaviour and toileting. Caroline's Angels offers individualised care and support to enhance your own parenting style to enhance healthy feed and sleep habits for your baby.

Wait for your new baby is very exciting, the anticipation of birthing, then finally getting to meet the little person growing inside of you.


Once your baby arrives, these feelings of excitement, empowerment and anticipation may be overtaken with anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Overwhelming love for your baby and partner. The overwhelming feeling of now having to care for your tiny baby and having to learn your baby’s signals and communications to you of how best to care for them.

It is important to remember that your baby, your partner and yourself are the most important characters in the new chapter of your life that you are about to enter.

At home, simplicity is the rule.  Keep yourself rested and comfortable, you need to be well, nourished with good food and calm to care for your new baby.  Allowing your body to heal from the birthing process, for your milk supply to establish and for you to explore and wonder with your new baby.  Enlist help for practical assistance with meals, cleaning and washing from your partner, family or friends.

There are some simple things that you can be doing to start to establish a good sleeping routines for you and your baby.

  • Bring your baby out into the sunny living area and expose your baby to as much natural light in the day time as possible. This helps establish their night and day rhythms. Feed your baby out in the living area where you are comfortable and able to see other people and keep your own mood up with sunshine and company.

  • After an hour of your baby being awake and a feed, settle your baby to sleep. This way you can work with your baby’s natural tiredness to settle easily to sleep. Aim to have a few hours of your baby sleeping between feeds and this allows for you to rest as well.

  • Try to wake your baby by 7am in the morning and settle to sleep around 7pm at night. This should help establish those night and day patterns early on so that you can rest and feed your baby overnight with minimal unsettledness.

These simple strategies are the cornerstone for enjoying those early weeks with your new family and a block to build on for your future nurturing together.