7 Reasons To Massage Your Baby

    Most parents don't need much convincing but here are seven reasons to massage your baby:

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    1. Parents and babies both enjoy massage and it's a really good way for the whole family to relax. It's a really nice break from the endless feed, burp, change, sleep cycle.
    2. Promotes long and deep sleep, I have to admit it never worked for my baby but it's certainly worth a try.
    3. Baby massage makes a really lovely wind down routine at the end of the day. My toddler still asks me to give her a foot and neck rub when she is having a hard time going to sleep.
    4. Reduces crying. Improves colic, reflux and constipation and calms irritable or stressed babies
    5. Boosts a baby’s Serotonin levels which is known to reduce the risks of SIDS
    6. Boosts mother and baby oxytocin levels through skin to skin contact
    7. A beautiful way for dads to spend intimate and quality time with their babies. In the meantime mum can have a sleep or a shower or something to eat.
    8. Improves weight gain for premature babies.
    9. Improves left and right brain communication which increases intelligence.